Les Parfums Louis Vuitton: Dans La Peau

Does absence embolden desire? Travelling also has that power: to spark amorous embraces. From these torrid evocations, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud has dreamt up an encounter as indelible as an imprint.
An exclusive infusion of natural leather from Louis Vuitton’s workshops makes you want to surrender to a passionate embrace.


Intertwined with this exquisite leather are accents of almost – candied apricot, a CO2 extraction of jasmine from Grasse— exclusive to the Maison Louis Vuitton – and sambac jasmine from China.

Then appears the absolute of narcissus, a singular flower that evokes both tobacco and the green of freshly-cut stems. The scent is boldly erotic.

A choir of the most sensual musks envelops the skin. Powdery musk. Clean musk. Animal musk. Floral musk. A breathtaking symphony calmed by touches of Chinese magnolia.

Dans la Peau does not feign desire. It lays it bare.


A timeglass in a bottle

At a time when some still believe that luxury is a function of the weight of glass, the Maison Louis Vuitton frees the perfume bottle from the constraints of the past. Shouldn’t real luxury mean elevating the most everyday gestures?


Created by designer Marc Newson, a master of simplicity, the Louis Vuitton perfume bottle embodies absolute purity. Clean lines are devoid of any embellishment. A drop of water, suspended. Black lettering on transparent glass. Even the brand name engraved in the glass remains discreet, revealing itself in relief to the fingertips or through a ray of light.

At the top of this ethereal bottle, a transparent black cap recalls pieces by Emery from the last century. Yet when the cap stamped with the LV initials encircled in brass is removed, an atomizer appears. By seeming to reconnect with an old gesture, the Louis Vuitton brand projects its bottle into the future.

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